6 Best Organic Wipes for Babies 2020

by Rachel Montgomery
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The 6 Best Organic Wipes for Babies 2020

Baby wipes are key and convenient in keeping your baby messes in order. To wipe your baby without your hands getting poopy and sticky, you will need organic wipes for babies.

If you have ever tried to change your baby diapers with inferior baby wipes, then you can bear with me that it is not a pretty affair. Organic wipes are durable, thick enough, free from rashes and irritations, and environmentally friendly.

After extensive research, we review the 6 best organic wipes for babies 2020 to guarantee you and your baby safety and cleanliness. Read on!

1. Babyganics Baby Wipes

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Babyganics wipes are dermatologists and pediatrician tested and are formulated with multiple plant ingredients. These non-allergenic, comforting and soothing ingredients derived from plants making them the top choice for your baby.

If your baby had a previous encounter with diaper rashes, then this is what you should consider. A plus on these wipes is that they lack artificial dyes and alcohol. Besides, they come in varying packing.


  • The right size
  • A light scent you can barely notice
  • Purely natural ingredients


  • Relatively expensive

2. Pampers Aqua Pure Sensitive Baby Wipes

Pampers Aqua Pure Sensitive Baby Wipes have a strong and soft texture, and the baby will not experience any scrubbing effect. It is because they are made of premium cotton. Even when the baby is very messy, you’ll not get poop on the hands.

These dermatologist-tested diapers are also hypoallergenic and unscented, and this is good for babies with very sensitive skin. Besides, they have no alcohol or dyes.


  • Very comfy
  • Thick enough and wettest wipes for wiping
  • Ideal for sensitive and delicate skin


  • Some parents feel the price is relatively raised

3. Seventh Generation Multi-surface Wipes

Seventh Generation baby wipes are all that you need for wiping and disinfecting your baby’s skin, and you can be sure there will be no effects on rash or irritation. It is multipurpose, meaning you can use it even on the baby’s face and hands. The thymol oil in the wipes helps to kill multiple microbes.

They are dye and alcohol-free but with a Lemongrass scent. If your priority is on comfort and baby safety, go for them.  The top flap opening makes it easy for you to open and close the pack.


  • Natural ingredients
  • Lemongrass Citrus Scent
  • The wipes are multipurpose


  • Some parents feel they are relatively scented

4. Doctor Butler’s Organic Baby Wipes

If all you desire is to have all-natural ingredients wipes, with a gentle cleansing ability, then go ahead and purchase the Doctor Butler’s Organic Baby Wipes. These ingredients have been tested, and they are all friendly.

You also need to know that the wipes are 100 percent Organic Bamboo, and your baby will always feel better with them. Every parent want wipes that ignore potentially harmful chemicals, and Doctor Butler’s Organic Baby Wipes are worth purchasing.


  • Super Strong with essential soothing oils
  • Extra thick
  • Provides organic soothing


  • Some users claim that they tend to cling to each other when removing from the pack

5. Seventh Generation Baby Wipes

These Seventh Generation Baby Wipes are ideal for every baby. Their suitability for sensitive babies is with no doubt, and majority of users love it. The thick and very soft wipes give you an easy time, and your baby enjoys the comfort that comes along.

Parents do not like excess scented wipes. That’s why sticking on these wipes is a good move. Alcohol-free and very hypoallergenic. They can moisturize your baby’s bottom naturally without you having to worry.


  • Thick and strong design
  • Excellently moisturized
  • They are natural 768 baby wipes


  • Some users have complained of multiple pull-outs

6. Amazon Elements Baby Wipes

These Baby Wipes have high-quality components and come at a budget you’ll love. Their softness, huge size, and sturdiness cannot go unnoticed. If you want to clean your newborn bottom safely and entirely, do not hesitate to pick these soft wipes, they are the best.

Parents love the 80 wipes because they have no dyes or irritants, and you will not have to worry if your baby has sensitive skin.


  • No irritants
  • Auto-delivery by Amazon
  • They are very soft


  • Some users have reported allergic reactions


I love all the organic wipes listed above; without them, things can get messy. Our team of experts will recommend Pampers Aqua Pure Sensitive Baby Wipes for very sensitive skin, Doctor Butler’s Organic Baby Wipes for those in love with the remedies that come along with multiple natural ingredients and Amazon Elements Baby Wipes for newborns. Happy purchase, guys!

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