Best Nursing Advice for Breast Feeding Moms

by Rachel Montgomery
Nursing Advice for Breast Feeding

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! You are probably confused with a million questions ringing in your mind on where to start, what to do, and how to nurse your baby correctly. Well, relax and calm your worries. We have the best ideas for you. While breastfeeding is one of those natural things, it can be joyful and at the same time challenging. With that in mind, know that it might take some effort before everything works for you. Here is a list of the best nursing advice for breast feeding moms.

Use Relevant YouTube Videos

Technology is changing fast, and breastfeeding moms can now get the information they want from the comfort of their homes. You need a smartphone and access to the internet. YouTube has multiple videos with great content. You will find these videos from experienced moms, medical practitioners or individuals concentrating on the parenting niche. If not sure of the baby nursing video to watch, seek recommendations or Google the best videos out there.

Have a Close Lactation Consultant

Ensuring you have a close lactation practitioner is a good move. Someday, things will not turn out as expected, and you need to engage someone who is an expert in the field. A lactation consultant has everything you need to know about latching, breastfeeding positions, pumping and milk supply, among others. You need to choose someone you fair well along with, breastfeeding is a journey, and you do not want an understanding person.

Mind Your Posture, Get Comfortable

You will be spending much time holding your baby as they breastfeed. Never assume that holding them in an unsupported sitting posture is a good idea. To be honest, most moms who sit in a bad posture or an uncomfortable posture for long end up getting neck, back and shoulder pain. Be safe by sitting in a reclined position or get enough breastfeeding pillows.

Stay Sane; Depression is real

Nursing mothers will often experience hard times during the beginning or as time goes by. Never feel sorry, uncomfortable, or exhausted for being a mom and doing everything that comes along. Join compassionate lactation moms group, talk to supportive family and friends around you or call your lactation consultant. Keeping your mind stress will enable you to avoid postpartum depression.

Be Patient

There are several things you need to be patient on. First, remember that when your baby is born, it might take two to three days before the body produces milk. Second, you will nurse your baby frequently, and don’t be bothered if they seem to breastfeed quite often. Last and not least, know that the milk supply might vary. Always ensure you engage a practitioner when you feel much worried.

Leaking Is Natural, No Cause for Alarm

There is no cause for alarm when you notice the milk is leaking from the breasts. It happens naturally when several things happen. For instance, the moment you think about your baby when you have not breastfed for several hours, in case of strong emotion, or another baby near you cries.  Leaking will reduce with time. In the meantime, acquire nursing pads to place in your bra.

Understand your Nipples

Nipples are sensitive areas in every woman. Frequent or non-stop nursing might make your nipples feel painful and raw. While pain might arise due to bad latch, you need to rub your nipples slightly. Do not overdo it or scrub with a brush or unnecessary lotion without consulting a lactation practitioner. Well, nursing is hard enough and trying unnecessary approaches is not worth being on the list of your complaints.

Drink and Eat Often

Staying full and hydrated is the best advice you can take into action. It takes adequate water and nutrients to boost milk production. Remember, you are still feeding and drinking for two. Have a glass of water anytime you breastfeed or have a bottle with you anywhere you move. At night, keep water close or let your partner know you will need water. As you observe your baby and your body, you need to acknowledge the need to take a step further rather than sitting down and doing things in your unethical way. You and your baby need to be safe and comfortable. Most important know that practice makes perfect.

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