The 10 Best Organic Baby Clothing Brands

by Rachel Montgomery
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Are you undecided on the best clothing for your baby to settle on? Well, organic clothing should satisfy your worries, and you should go ahead and buy some. Another possible dilemma you might face is the choice of a brand that suits you best. Here, we’ve got you with these ten best organic baby clothing brands at your disposal.  

1. Touched by Nature Baby Clothing 

Clothe your baby with this affordable high quality 100% cotton wear that is ideal for machine wash. This clothing is soft, gentle, and comfortable on the skin of your baby and optimal for everyday use. The set comes with three organic cotton coveralls.  

2. PARADE ORGANICS Baby Clothing

Dress your baby in this certified baby clothing with 100% soft organic cotton. The clothing is chemical and pesticide-free; hence no need to worry about the safety of your baby’s sensitive skin. Find a variety of light and dark fabrics that can be felt on the surface of the fabric. 

3. Hope & Henry Layette Baby Clothing

Fit your baby with this classic knit sweater romper featuring 100% of organic cotton, which is easy to dress with its button openings at the shoulders and inner legs. Made of conventional production, this baby clothing is machine washable and ideal for the delicate baby’s skin.  

4. YANWANG Baby Clothing

Clothe your baby with this luxurious soft organic baby clothing brand made out of pure cotton. This clothing contains natural cotton shades hence no need to worry about any effect on the sensitive skin of your baby. With its shoulder buckle, be lest assured of its ease in putting on and off.  

5. O2Baby Baby Clothing

This award-winning soft sleeper offers the kind of comfort that you intend for your baby. Designed with a zipper that has a guard, this superior quality baby clothing guarantees the best option for any option. The clothing is machine washable hence no need to worry about the stress that comes with hand washing.  

6. Touched By Nature Baby Clothing

Simple, affordable, and high-quality organic cotton all defines this baby clothing. With its 100% cotton, it is a sure bet that this clothing will leave your delicate baby skin soft and gentle. It is a purely organic clothing brand made without any pesticide or fertilizer, making it the best choice for everyday use.  

7. Simple Joys by Carter Baby Clothing

Dress your baby with this animal eared hooded cardigan selling at an affordable price. The clothing comes with a button front design, and its material contains 55% cotton and 45% Acrylic. With its ability to wash using a machine, the clothing suits best for everyday use.  

8. Burt’s Bee Baby Clothing

Your baby cannot go wrong with this super soft clothing with combed and ring-spun to maintain durability. Its lap shoulder construction makes this clothing comfortable to wear and maintain a maximum stretch when pulling it off your baby’s head. 

9. O2 Baby Sleep and Play Clothing 

They are comfortable and breathable for the sensitive skin of your baby. Designed with a safe zipper, it guards and protects your child and make it easy to zip and dress while changing your baby’s diaper. 

10. Burt’s Bee Unisex Pajamas  

This snuggling and fitting flame retardant-free clothing with a diagonal zip for an easy diaper change are ideal for your baby. Made with 100%, GOTS certified organic cotton, this clothing is certainly great for the delicate baby’s skin. 


If you want to get value out of your limited budget, then touched by Nature Baby clothing should be your choice. For comfort during the hot summer season, consider buying the PARADE ORGANICS Baby clothing. Finally, for ease of use during the diaper change, go for O2 Baby Sleep and Play Clothing and you will not be disappointed.

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