The 15 Best Organic Baby Products of 2020

by Rachel Montgomery
best organic products for babies

Everybody wants the best for their babies, and that’s why we all give attention to what products we use on their sensitive bodies. However, parents should no longer worry about getting the best products that have organic ingredients. Explained below are the fifteen best organic baby products of 2020.

1. KeaBabies Hair Brush and Comb

comp for baby

This wooden hairbrush set is all-natural. It uses bamboo and natural wood. Works perfectly on your baby scalp, and applying oil becomes easy. The product is ideal for both moist and dry hair, and it guarantees a relaxation effect.

2. Puracy Organic Natural Lotion

organic lotion for babies

Every baby wants a perfect product without harsh chemicals. This product lacks sulfates, parabens, phosphates, scented dyes, and perfumes.  Doctors have recommended this bubble bath. It is ideal for stain removal.

3. Burt’s Bees Baby Cloths

cotton cloth for baby

The grey cotton cloth is an ideal fabric for daily baby use. The 100 percent cloth is wide enough, and it stretches naturally without you having to worry about the damage. It is a durable cloth, very organic and ideal for babies with sensitive skin.

4. Earth Mama Organic Diaper Balm

organic diaper balm

The organic baby balm constitutes of organic beeswax. The wax purpose is to help soothe the area around the diaper, and ensure there is no skin rash. Also, it constitutes of organic oils and herbs. The balm has no artificial products or fragrance.

5. Aquaphor Baby Skin Protectant

organic healing ointment for babies

This fragrance-free healing ointment works for all your babies even those with rash, dry and irritated skin. When applied on the skin, it attracts moisture and oxygen creating a healing effect and smoothness.

6. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Diaper Rash Ointment

butt paste for babies

The original butt paste contains the zinc oxide, a key ingredient that helps prevent diaper rashes. It forms a thick barrier for protection and acts even on extreme rash cases. The pediatricians have approved it and confirmed it has no harsh ingredients.

7. Cetaphil Baby Diaper Cream

Organic diaper cream

The baby cream has organic calendula, vitamin E, and vitamin B5. Dermatologists have approved the product, and it has no colorant or paraben. Its capability to soothe the skin makes it ideal for infants, even on their first birth.

8. Burt’s Bees Baby Unisex Booties

organic baby booties

These baby booties constitute 100 percent organic and breathable cotton, making them ideal for use by children with sensitive skin. You can easily adjust the ankle to use them. Besides, they have ring-spun for softness and durability.

9. HIPHOP PANDA Baby Washcloths

wash clothes for babies

Made of bamboo through the latest tech advancements. The two layers of the washcloths make them highly absorbent. The thickness, softness and ability to dry fast without causing harm or allergy make them excellent.

10. Puracy Organic Shampoo and Baby Wash

organic shampoo for babies

It contains the plant’s components that are natural and organic with no strains of synthetic chemicals. Its satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and your baby will fully benefit from the clinically tested and super ingredients.

11. Luxtr Bamboo Washcloths

organic washcloths

Made of 100 percent bamboo, and you use them for bathing or wiping your baby. Other than being absorbent, it has a soft texture that even the newborn baby with skin rash will not feel disturbed but rather enjoy. It is organic with large size.

12. Comotomo Baby Bottle

baby bottle

It mimics breastfeeding, with a large neck and very hygienic silicone material. Easy to wash, and you can use it in a microwave. Also, it withstands high temperatures, and the vent helps release air.

13. Babyganics Essentials Gift

organic product for babies

It is the perfect gift to get ready for your baby. With the variation and natural ingredients, it protects the baby’s skin from rush and tear. Pediatricians recommend it because it is dye and fragrances free.

14. WaterWipes Baby Wipes

organic wipes

They are very gentle for delicate baby skin, and this makes them suitable for cleaning your baby. Ideal for sensitive skin does not contain alcohol and fragrance, and you can use them for multiple purposes.

15. Lucylla Baby Hooded Towel

organic towel for babies

The super absorbent towel is made of silky and soft bamboo. It doesn’t cause harm, irritation, or rashes. With this towel, you protect your baby from the cold while giving them an amazing feeling.

All the products explained above constitutes of the best organic components ideal for your baby. Do not hesitate to give a try to what suits your purpose.

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