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Beka Deluxe 68 Piece Hard Maple Wood Building Blocks

Beka Deluxe 68 Piece Hard Maple Wood Building Blocks

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Winner of Early Childhood News 100 Best Products, Creative Child's Creative Toy Award & Dr. Toy 100 Best Products!

Our Deluxe 68 piece set comes with 68 blocks in 12 different shapes: 12-half units, 10-units, 2-double units, 10-half pillars, 8-pillars, 4-double pillars, 6-columns, 4-Roman arches, 4-half circles, 2-small triangles, 4-double flats, and 2-half unit flats. Heirloom quality, designed to last a lifetime. Recommended age: 1+ years. Complies with CPSC safety guidelines. Made in the USA. There is a 10% restocking fee for returned items on this page. Please allow 1-2 weeks for this item to reach you as it is shipped to you from the manufacturer. Drop Ship. (shipping weight 10 lbs)

Also available in a Standard 36 Piece Set

Of all the playthings in the history of the world, blocks may be the most important, because a child's imagination is required to bring them to life. Building with blocks, children create castles, forts, roadways, playhouses, garages, stables and more. Building with blocks, children also grasp basic number concepts and learn logic skills. When you give children blocks, you're giving them tools to build minds and develop unlimited imagination.

Beka's Traditional Block Sets are based on the standard 1-3/8" x 2-3/4" x 5-1/2" unit, which is a standard block set dimension used in schools and day care centers nationwide. Each block is a fraction or multiple of the basic unit, providing blocks that support successful block play. Each set includes an assortment of block shapes and sizes to provide a wide range of building options to the child using them.

Quality wood item that encourages children's imaginations and enhance creative play. Natural Hard Maple does make a difference, both as a renewable domestic resource and as an extremely stable material. Maple occurs naturally in forested rural areas, where it is typically harvested and re-planted under the watchful eye of state or county forest management personnel. This forest management system protects against over-logging, and insures material will be available for future generations of woodworkers. Hard Maple has a fine and close grain structure, which reduces chances of splintering; it is heavy, which adds stability to products that have added weight or are stacked; it is abrasion and dent resistant, insuring durability; it ages well, actually improving over time. This high quality product performs well with heavy use.

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