How to Boost Your Child Immune to Fight Coronavirus

by Rachel Montgomery
Boost Your Child Immune System

In the wake of the COVID–19, there is a lot of information roaming around. However, we can agree that the virus has turned to an epidemic by spreading in almost every nation. Despite that, there are primary considerations on how to boost your child immune to fight Coronavirus.

The immune system is designed to protect the body to fight off diseases and infections. There are different ways that it can fight foreign viruses, bacteria, parasites, and unhealthy cells. Unfortunately, it cannot fight off the diseases and infections if one does not boost his or her immune system.

Please note, children are not is not immune to the virus. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, most children are showing mild symptoms, but this does not mean that they are entirely immune to the virus. That’s why it is essential to use relevant measures to boost your child immune system. Here are approaches to follow.

Use Vitamin C Supplements

Vitamin C is widely known to be an essential nutrient that can boost our health. According to Live Science  taking large doses of Vitamin C can be an excellent way to thwart the common cold and even severe diseases such as heart disease and cancer. This is supported by the two-time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling.

When it comes to Corona Virus, there is still some debate about the capability of Vitamin C supplements to fight off the virus. Nevertheless, we cannot completely rule out this fact since Vitamin C is naturally inclined to boost one’s health. Based on a clinical trial  conducted in Wuhan, China (where the first cases were discovered), the 140 patients who participated were provided with ultra-high doses of Vitamin C to check whether it can help in managing the disease.

The trial is not yet completed and is set to be done by September. So it is too early to rule out the importance of taking Vitamin C and ultimately putting our focus on it.

Please note, taking Vitamin C supplements does not entirely disregard the need to take a balanced diet. Therefore, you should provide a complete balanced diet for your child to guarantee an additional benefit.


This might seem weird, but it helps to boost your child immune system. Upper respiratory tract infection can be reduced by keeping yourself actively fit. Most scientists allude that the simple fact that your temperature is raised can help in killing germs.

However, as much as there is a lot of campaign on exercising, you must maintain moderation since with too much exercise, you can put your body into stress. Here are three simple ways that you can exercise your child.

  • Hit the playground. It is recommendable to spend time in the local playground and have some sweat sessions. However, since one of the recommendations to prevent COVID-19 is to stay away from any gathering, organizing some home-play games might be of use.
  • Reduce screen time. You should reduce your child screen time and organize some physical games that you can engage in.
  • Use exercise as a time to bond. If you have a home gym, then you can sweat your socks off with your kids and have time to bond with them. There is nothing that excites children than doing some activities with their parents.

Avoid Stressing your Child

Coronavirus is spreading rapidly, a lot of people have gone to a panic mode and adopted every measure to prepare for a significant emergency. However, this is not recommendable since it might affect your health in one way or another. Stress leads to hypertension, which impacts the stress hormones and suppresses the immune system.

It also affects the digestive system, which will lead to an increased risk of any disease. Here are a few measures you can take to avoid stress on your child.

  • Avoid over scheduling
  • Ensure that there is time to play
  • Prioritize enough sleep above all
  • Manage your stress
  • Make your morning relaxing
  • Prepare your children to deal with your child efficiently

As a precautionary measure, you should monitor your child’s stress level to ensure that they are not stressed at any given time. This calls for practical application for the above-stated factors.

Make sure that Your Child’s Vaccines are Up-to-date

Since Coronavirus has close symptoms to influenza (commonly known as flu), it is essential to have your child get the flu shot to be on the safe side. Ask your doctor the kind of routine that you should use based on this consideration. Otherwise, you will not protect your child as perceived.

Feed your Child with Yogurt

Yogurt should be a must-include meal in your child’s diet. Note that the nutritional value of any food depends on its component. Yogurt contains probiotics that support the microbiome, hence the capacity to fight diseases. Therefore, giving your child some yogurt will help in boosting the immunity of your child. Wash your babies hands with baby soap or a body wash after eating. A study says that even a hand wash can help prevent Coronavirus.


As stated earlier, the Coronavirus is a pandemic causing jitters on everyone. However, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has provided, there are a couple of ways to prevent you and your child from the virus exposure. Therefore, if you follow them diligently, you will be safe enough. Let your kid know you’re fighting Coronavirus together. Even so, you should take note of the symptoms associated with this disease and take the right precautions.

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