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BPA Free Twin Electronic Breast Pump by Philips Avent

BPA Free Twin Electronic Breast Pump by Philips Avent

Item #:117503

Designed for Comfort... ...Inspired by Nature!

The twin pump lets you express from both breasts at once, resulting in more milk in less time. Perfect for mothers who need to express milk quickly, have multiple births or premature babies. Comes in a stylish travel bag with all you need to express, store, transport and feed your breast milk. Contains: Twin Electronic Breast Pump, Travel bag, 2 breast milk containers (2 x 125ml/4oz), 2 bottle stands/funnel covers, 2 Thinsulate carriers, 2 cool packs, 2 teat travel packs, 2 sealing discs, Mains power lead and Guide to Breastfeeding DVD with helpful hints. No BPA was used in the manufacturing of this device.

Philips AVENT Electronic Breast Pumps have a memory that learns and continues your personal pumping rhythm for maximum comfort – designed to make feeding and caring for your baby easier. Includes two electronic breast pumps to give you greater choice for faster, effortless expressing. Offers patented Let-down Massage Cushion naturally imitates your baby’s suckling pattern and silicone diaphragm to provide a guaranteed 100% reliable and consistent vacuum to draw milk from the breast with a unique addition – an electronic memory that learns from you and continues your personal pumping rhythm. Designed to give you infinitely variable control over speed, vacuum and rhythm for your complete comfort. The result – a comfortable and relaxed pumping experience. Put the pump to your breast and press the handle gently with your fingertips to imitate your baby’s suckling rhythm. Simply press the button on the handle and quietly, effortlessly, the Electronic Breast Pump continues your exact pumping rhythm. To change the rhythm at any time, press the button on the handle to return to manual control. (shipping weight 6 lbs)

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