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Lanowool Merino Wool Breast Feeding Nursing Pads
Lanowool Merino Wool Breast Feeding Nursing Pads

Lanowool Merino Wool Breast Feeding Nursing Pads

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Washable Merino Wool Breast Pads!

Lanowool breastfeeding pads are designed for mothers with new-born babies. They are a premiere product designed to give greater comfort. Not only are the pads superior to paper pads, but they are also far more economical than disposable pads. The pads are washable, which means that they can be used time and time again.

Lanowool breastfeeding pads are made of specially processed fine merino wool. The Lanowool pads are treated with a highly purified lanolin, creating the optimal environment for breast care prior to birth and during nursing. The Lanowool pads are also treated with nipple cream so you do not need to use very much nipple cream, if any at all. It can influence absorption if you use too much cream as grease prevents absorption. Lanowool sources merino wool from the high country of New Zealand. The pads are processed using only eco-friendly biodegradable detergents. (shipping weight 0 lbs)

Benefits from using the Lanowool® breastfeeding pads
-Soft, comfortable and will not stick to sore nipples
-Treated with a highly purified lanolin to provide excellent healing conditions
-Keeps breasts at a constant body temperature which helps milk flow
-Breathable; moving moisture away from your body
-Can be used for the entire breastfeeding period
-Can also be used for nipple sensitive women
-Suitable for use in any type of climate

Customer Testimonials:

I first used Treasures and Johnson nursing pads. They didn’t work very well ;they’d leak and I’d go through a box of 24 in only a few days. So it ended up costing around $14 a week which soon adds up.

I have found the Lanowool breastpads fantastic. They are comfortable, easy to wash. Your sore nipples don’t stick to the pads and they are cost saving in the long run. My friend raves about Lanowool pads and now I can too. I have also recommended them to other mums.

Lanowool pads are by far the best I’ve used as disposable ones didn’t even last 5 minutes. For those of us who have a good supply of milk, Lanowool are great. Even though I normally have a skin rash if in direct contact with wool, the Lanowool pads caused no rash or irritation. In fact the skin the pad covered was silkier and softer after only 2-3 days use – no smell either and no 3-5 times changing tops!! Great. Have already recommended them to others.

[Lanowool pads were] absolutely fantastic. I noticed a huge difference when I stopped using Lanowool. The prickling returned, my nipples dried out, and [{] definitely didn’t feel confident going out without them on.

I have large breasts (E cup when first feeding) and found the large Lanowool pads most comfortable and less visible through clothes. I have 3 pairs which alternate after every feed. I find it much more cost effective. In the early days of feeding I wear 2 pairs to stop leakage.

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