Organic DIY Gifts for Your Babies on Valentine’s Day

by Rachel Montgomery
Organic DIY Gifts for Babies

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, yay! There are multiple things to consider for your loved ones, but your babies also want to be shown that you love them as well. Picking a gift for babies is not as easy as it seems since they are quite indecisive. However, you need to figure out something, probably a DIY gift that would match perfectly with the expectations of your baby. Read on this article and take note of a few organic DIY gifts for your babies on Valentine’s Day.

Baby Swing

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Making a baby swing can be pretty easy. It can be ready within an hour if you have the right tools to make it and a reliable tutorial to rely on. Make sure that it has enough space to accommodate your growing baby and is strong enough to hold his or her weight. You should consider harnessing it with wooden rods on the upper edges to allow enough space for your baby and have a strong grip on its hanging ropes.

Tool Bench

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If you have a garage at your house, you probably have noticed how your child loves to pretend to have a similar tool bench as yours. Therefore, creating a small tool bench for your child would be an ideal decision to nature his love for handy works as well. All you need to get is a couple of plastic replica tools and fit them in a kid-level bench.

Sheep Baby Blanket

Kids love to sleep. Therefore, a sheep sleep baby blanket would be a reasonable choice for your baby Valentine’s Day gift. You can find tutorials on how to make sheep baby blanket and come up with a remarkable idea. Remember to include colorful shades and a couple of artworks that will impress your baby.

Dinosaur Costume

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Dinosaurs have never lost their popularity despite the generation that comes to learn about them. Choosing a dinosaur costume can be a remarkable idea if your baby. To make the outfit more interesting, make sure that you put a dragon tail to make the outfit appear more real.

Rattle Blocks

Babies love to play with rattle blocks. The good thing with such items is the level of simplicity that these products have in their making. You should consider making a variety of blocks with different textures and colors that can engage the senses of your baby. You can also slip a rattle inside it to make it more interesting.

Flower Headband

If you have a bouncy baby girl, nothing is exciting than having a beautiful headband on her head. You can crochet a beautiful headband with the favorite colors that your girl has. You have the versatility to choose any color or material, but bright ones and woolen headbands are the best for a baby girl.

DIY Play Tent

Babies love to make a cozy indoor tent as part of their play, make-believe play. Therefore, if you would extend your DIY skills into creating a play tent, you would have a remarkable gift for your baby Valentine’s Day at your disposal. A good play tent should have enough space to accommodate at least two babies, in case yours asks for a friend’s sleepover.

DIY Doll House

Dollhouses play a significant part in anyone’s childhood. Therefore, bestowing your baby girl with a dollhouse would be a remarkable decision for her Valentine’s Day gift. You need to get a basic sketch of the dollhouse that you will build and the right tools to achieve an explicit result. Find an easy to follow dollhouse construction guide if you want to achieve an excellent result.

DIY Sitting Pouf

Adults have been used to making sitting pouf for themselves. However, it would be much enjoyable if you make one for your baby. Making a baby pouf would not be any different with an adult size pouf. The only difference that you would consider would be including a brightly colored and textured material. Choosing the right type of gift for your baby can be daunting. It requires you to find the right guide that will help you construct the best gift for your loved one. You should as well have enough time to complete the construction. Have a pleasant time with your DIY.

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