Top Recommended Food For Babies

by Rachel Montgomery
baby eating food

Settling on the right baby food is one of the challenges that moms undergo during parenting. There are multiple food alternatives out there, and you don’t know what will work for your child. Everybody wants the best for their babies, and that’s why you need to know the right food to give when they are past six months and as they grow.

However, it helps to appreciate that babies should entirely feed on breast milk or formula for the first six months. Exceeding breastfeeding beyond the stipulated months is still okay; there is no harm in doing that. For your baby to gain additional nutrients, you need to introduce solid food. Read on to know the top recommended food for babies.

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes for babies

Sweet potatoes are among the best first and continuing foods you can give your baby. There has been little cases of where the baby refuses them of the first trial. Just like breast milk, they are sweet and with multiple benefits. Being a sweet veggie, they provide multiple vitamins and antioxidants, and your child will love them.

When preparing this baby food recipe, you need to peel, cook, and smash them. You can choose to cook or roast. Either way is okay if you make sure the baby food cooks completely. When mashing the sweet potato fresh that has already cooled, ensure you make them smooth and thin to the levels comfortable with your baby.


pears for babies

If you have fears that your baby might have digestive problems with the food you give them, then you need to turn to peas and baby cereal. They are non-constipating. Not only that, but your baby prefers their sweetness. You must, however, be cautious and only purchase organic pears, to avoid cases of your baby consuming pesticides.

Have you been waiting for baby food recipes to start giving you baby pears? Well, the preparation is the easiest you’ll get. Wash the fruits thoroughly, remove the peels and mash the fresh completely. You can also choose to roast or steam your pears. In any approach that you take, ensure you make it smooth and with the right texture to give your baby easy time when feeding.


Peas for babies

Every mother knows the benefits that peas give to babies. They contain an adequate amount of fiber, vitamins, and protein that the baby needs for growth and development. To be honest, though they have a sweet flavor, some kids will react weird to them, but after the first trial, they will get to love them.

For effective preparation, you need to steam until they cook. Before you mash, ensure the peas have cooked well to avoid uncooked granules. Although some moms still complain that the puree is still not smooth as they expect. You can blend them for complete smoothness. After that, thin for easy feeding.


avocado food for babies

Your baby requires healthy fats, and the avocados will play a significant role. The fruit vegetable food has adequate amounts of unsaturated fats, just like breast milk. As a mother, you should have no worry introducing the avocados. Furthermore, they play a critical role in developing the baby brain.

When ready, you need to get a ripe avocado, slice it into pieces and scope the inner fresh. Go ahead and mash your avocado until it gets smooth, depending on the texture your baby can handle. You can thin it with either water, milk, formula, or instead prepare baby guacamole.


Lentils for babies

Your baby at their tender age requires a lot of fiber and lean protein. Legumes like beans and lentils are ideal for your baby, and you should not hesitate to try them. Every baby requires sodium, potassium, enough vitamins, and fiber. All these components are available in lentils. More important they are rich in folate and iron.

To serve your babies, boil them until they get ready. Allow cooling to take place before you start pounding. Mash completely until you are sure the baby food has no granules. As usual, thin with breast milk, formula, or water until it is smooth.


Oatmeal is common among many parents. If there is a significant move you can make, it is opting for baby cereal as your baby starts feeding on baby food. It is not only nutritious but non-constipating food. Among the major problems that babies experience when they start solid food is constipation. When you focus on foods with high fiber levels like oatmeal, then your baby will experience a smooth transition.

Many stores out there are selling super smooth oatmeal. Instead, you still can prepare your baby food recipe. You only need to whirl the oats in the spice grinder before cooking. Ensure you make a smooth product if you want the baby to feed well.


Bananas food for kids

Bananas are an ideal option for the babies as they continue to feed on solid foods and as a first time food. Due to the high levels of vitamin, potassium, iron, and calcium, the baby will benefit immensely. You will realize that the majority of babies prefer fruits and veggies because of the sweet taste.

Preparation is simple, and you don’t need complex baby food recipes. Get a healthy ripe banana, peel it and mash until smooth. To make it smooth and semi solid, add water, milk, and formula. You will know what combination your baby loves with time and if they can digest it with ease.

Winter squash

Winter squash food for babies

Winter squashes, whether yellow or orange fleshed, are ideal for babies. Squash benefits the baby with vitamins, especially vitamin C. Due to the natural sweetness and creamy texture, which varies with seasons, your baby will love them.

Whether you are preparing pumpkin, acorn, or butternut, you need to cook or roast and then scoop the flesh. Pound it until it gets smooth. As your baby grows, consider adding new baby food recipes on the menu. Above are the top recommended foods for babies. It is hard knowing the favorite baby food, and that’s why you need to observe them keenly to know what favors them without intolerance and allergic reactions. Introduce the above baby foods one at a time.

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